Types of Cancer Therapy and The Best Natural and Homeopathic Treatments For Cancer

Although chemotherapy has its role, especially for certain types of cancer, when given alone it is ineffective in that it destroys the immune system. Surgery places your body under extreme stress, further weakening your immune system and increasing your risk to infection. Radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation, to produce cell death through free radical formation, further stressing your already compromised immune system. All of this destruction increases the risk for early death from infections and other cancers in immunosuppressed individuals. The disappointing results of conventional types of cancer therapy, the severe toxicities, drug interactions, decreased quality of life and the extremely high cost, have forced cancer patients to seek the best natural treatments for cancer and other options for treating the adverse effects of conventional types of cancer therapy. Naturopathic and homeopathic treatment for cancer, derive their effectiveness through their utilization of natural substances in a supportive rather than destructive manner. The best natural treatments for cancer are generally non-toxic, result in few drug interactions, and cost about 10% of conventional types of cancer therapy.Chemotherapeutic agents and radiation therapy reduce the serum levels of certain nutrients, especially antioxidants. The decreased levels of these antioxidants result from lipid peroxidation. Clinical studies were performed at the National Cancer Institute using an antioxidant called N-acetyl cysteine. This supplement was found to protect the heart from the cardiac toxicity of adriamycin, but did not interfere with the tumor-killing capability of the drug, making N-acetyl cysteine one of the best natural treatments for cancer. Cellular studies, animal studies and human studies demonstrate that vitamins A, E, C, and K, beta-carotene, and selenium, as single supplements or in combination, all protect against the toxicity of adriamycin and enhance its cancer-killing effects. These are some of the best natural treatments for cancer and fighting the adverse effects of conventional types of cancer therapy. Vitamin E beginning 1 week before therapy helps prevent hair loss. Topical vitamin E has shown great promise in treating apthous stomatitis. Selenium, taken 4 days before chemo and continuing 8 days, showed less nephrotoxicity, diarrhea, and leukopenia from cisplatin types of cancer therapy. One of the biggest problems with cancer patients undergoing various types of cancer therapy is their decreased appetite, loss of weight and inadequate nutrient intake leading to deficiencies required to support a healthy immune system. In fact, a large majority of cancer patients die from nutritional deficiencies, not the cancer itself. Ginger and peppermint for nausea are two of the best natural treatments for cancer. B12 also acts as an anti-emetic, and Swedish bitters can actually increase your appetite. MD Anderson in Texas demonstrated re-establishment of immune systems after chemotherapy using Astragalus polysaccharides, making Astragalus one of the best natural treatments for cancer.With regards to homeopathic treatment for cancer, there are several different treatment philosophies and approaches used by clinicians, often encompassing a combination of these approaches. One homeopathic treatment for cancer is to target the tumors themselves. The homeopath will select remedies that match the symptom picture of the tumor itself. The homeopath might also consider other symptoms of the cancer patient, such as food cravings, sleep habits, etc. Another approach in homeopathic treatment for cancer is to assist in healing the patient’s eliminative channels such as the liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, etc., and strengthens cell detoxification. Homeopaths tend to use drainage remedies that are low potency combination remedies used to target specific systems, or detoxify particular substances. Another approach in the homeopathic treatment for cancer is to address the overall constitution of the patient. This is the classical approach and involves a complete assessment of the patient’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The homeopath then selects the best natural treatment for cancer, by addressing the patient’s entire constitution. The exact remedy selected can result in complete elimination of the tumor and also support drainage and detoxification, as well as help with mental and emotional stability. Homeopathic treatment for cancer shows favorable results when given by a well-qualified and trained homeopath with years of experience, making homeopathy one of the best natural treatments for cancer.It is important to incorporate the synergism of all of the above supplements and homeopathic treatment for cancer for best results. Lifestyle changes are also imperative to decrease one’s risk of cancer. It is foolish to expect that a single nutrient can give the okay to continue lifestyle behaviors that will cause disease. Proper nutrition and lifestyle factors can profoundly reduce the toxic side effects and improve the results of conventional types of cancer therapy.