Treat Cancer Without Surgery and Side Effects

Cancer was considered to be a deadly disease even a couple of years back, but not anymore. Cancer now is perfectly curable and can be cured with the help of various natural therapies. In fact, natural cures are able to treat cancer without any side effects which is a risk involved in other surgical and medicinal cures of cancer. The natural cures for cancer have arrived with a lot of potential and promise to cure cancer naturally and hence the disease is no more fatal. The home remedies are powerful and effective in treating cancer. They are also known to be extremely effective in preventing the disease.One such natural cure to cancer requires you to mix 3 leafs of aloe vera, 1lb of raw honey and 3 tablespoons of tequila. Take this mixture for 10 days without missing it for a single day. However, sometimes you may not get the desired result by taking it for 10 days. In that case you have to extend it for another 30 days and you will definitely notice positive results. A plant named typhonium flagelliforme popularly known as tuber plant has the potential to cure cancer naturally. The juice of this plant can treat cancer and research is being conducted to prove it.Every human being has cancer cells in the body which multiply in an oxygen deficient atmosphere inside the body causing cancer. The natural cancer treatments focus on increasing the levels of oxygen in the body. Cancer cells cannot multiply in an oxygen flooded atmosphere. The immune system of the body also needs a boost so that it can curb the multiplication of cancer cells in the body. Cancer is caused due to various reasons and they range from lifestyle to genetic factors.Altering food habits can also work towards prevention of cancer. Cut down on your sugar intake because raised sugar levels help cancer cells multiply. The artificial substitutes are equally harmful and hence Manuka honey or Molasses are actually helpful in curtailing the growth of cancer cells. Use sea salt in place of normal salt. Dairy products also aid in the multiplication of cancer cells. Hence, you can switch to soya milk and have it without using sweeteners. Stay away from meat since it increases the level of acid inside the body making the environment conducive for the cancer cells to grow. Your diet should consist of 80% fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds which can increase the alkaline content in the body preventing the growth of cancer.The One Minute Cancer Cure therapy was a revolution in the natural treatment of cancer. Daily doing this therapy for 1 minute will cure you of cancer. It functions on increasing the oxygen level in the blood cells. It not only focuses on increasing the oxygen level but also on distributing oxygen throughout the body to curtail the growth of cancer cells. Studies have shown that doing this therapy for 1 minute daily can be extremely effective. The best part is that it does not involve any kind of side effects.